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Patent Office to Expedite Examination on Patent Applications

HOUSTON, TX , (December 10, 2009)— ARNOLD & KNOBLOCH, an intellectual property law firm, has received a notice from the United States Patent and Trademark Office that it is launching a pilot program to accelerate the development and deployment of a broad range of technologies. This represents an opportunity for some organizations to accelerate examination of their patent applications.

Under the program, applications pertaining to certain technologies will be advanced out of turn for examination. Importantly, if the application meets the classification requirement, the applicant will not be burdened with all of the requirements of the current accelerated examination program.

Examples of applications that are potentially eligible for the pilot program range from energy production, storage, and distribution, to farming, environmental protection, and remediation. Specific categories are quite broad. For example, one titled “More Efficient Utilization and Conservation of Energy Resources” includes inventions relating to the reduction of energy consumption in combustion systems, industrial equipment, and household appliances. Another category, “Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions,” would include inventions that contribute to advances in nuclear power generation technology, fossil fuel power generation, or industrial processes with greenhouse gas-abatement technology.

The pilot program is currently opened to the first 3,000 applicants to properly request accelerated examination of applications in the above “green” technologies and may be expanded if it proves “successful.”

A more specific explanation of the program can be found at http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2009/E9-29207.htm.

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