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First Action Interview Pilot Program Expanded

ARNOLD & KNOBLOCH is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office is expanding its First Action Interview Pilot Program. This program, originally launched in October 2009, permitted utility applicants in certain art areas to conduct an interview with the patent examiner after reviewing the communications regarding the results of a prior art search conducted by that examiner. This program was originally set to expire in April 2011. Due to the positive results of this program, the USPTO has extended that date to May 16, 2012 and is expanding the criteria to all utility art areas.

Currently, the granting of an interview before the first action on the merits of a new patent application is within the discretion of the examiner and a showing may be required to justify the granting of that interview. Under the pilot program, if the applicant follows a set procedure, the granting of an interview is fulfilled by the request of the applicant after he/she has reviewed the citations to prior art references resulting from the search and any objections/rejections that have been identified.

Participants have experienced many benefits of this program.  The enhanced interaction between the applicant and examiner helps to advance prosecution, allows for the resolution of patentability issues one-on-one, and allows for the opportunity to facilitate early allowance.

If you need more information on The Full First Action Interview Pilot Program, please feel free to contact us .

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