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Faster Patents Through the Patent Prosecution Highway

A process, called the “Patent Prosecution Highway” (“PPH”), has been implemented that patent applicants should be considering.  Launched in 2006, the PPH was originally designed to allow applicants to use the examination in their home countries to obtain rapid examination in foreign countries.  For example, if claims in a patent application in the U.S. were allowed, the applicant could notify foreign patent offices of the allowance and receive a rapid (and likely favorable) review of the same claims in the foreign country.  

The Patent Office has now expanded the PPH framework to use examinations of international applications filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (the “PCT”). Use of that process may result in U.S. applicants receiving U.S. patents sooner.

An applicant can now file an application as a PCT, which will automatically receive a search and examination within a fixed number of months; in many cases, this will be sooner than in the normal U.S. process.  If claims in the PCT are allowed, they then can then be submitted to the U.S. patent examiner under the PPH, and the application will be given “special” consideration.

Benefits of the PPH may include faster examination, high allowance rates (over 90%), decreased prosecution costs, and reduced pendency.

To learn more about how the Patent Prosecution Highway could affect your intellectual property strategy, please feel free to contact us.

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