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Freedom to Operate Opinions

Sophisticated organizations review the intellectual property landscape to look for problems. They spot possible blocking patents and design around them with their engineers and the aid of technically trained patent attorneys. When a resulting product is competitive with a patented product, some organizations ask their lawyers for an infringement opinion (whether the product actually infringes the patent). Some organizations may request that the attorney analyze the validity of the patent and give a validity opinion. If there is litigation later, the attorney may be a witness in the case.  Even a negative opinion can have value if the client has done the opinion work before making significant investments. If there is a significant chance of material liability, the earlier the client is aware of the issue and takes steps to remediate it, the better.

Clients have relied on Arnold & Saunders’s attorneys for this type of analysis, counseling, representation, and testimony, for many years.  Contact us now to learn more about Freedom to Operate and what we can do for your organization. 

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