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Jeff Streets
Senior Attorney and Partner, Streets & Steele

"Gordon has an encyclopedic knowledge of patent law and a strong drive to win each case. Gordon's vast experience and pleasant demeanor builds a strong, trusting relationship with his clients.”

Jeff Potts
Partner, Smyser Kaplan & Veselka, L.L.P.

“Gordon and I have worked together on a number of intellectual property matters, and he has always been prompt, thorough and correct in his intellectual property advice. Gordon is the first person that I call with a difficult intellectual property issue.”

Tim Donoughue

Intellectual Property Senior Counsel - Baker Hughes

“Gordon is an attorney who knows how to put the client first. The work product from him and his folks is good and the service is excellent. He is very active at a national level in various attorney groups and has extremely good connections, as well. High integrity.” Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

Ed Brooks

“It is a pleasure to recommend Gordon Arnold as a brilliant, skilled and trusted attorney and advisor. Gordon combines outstanding legal expertise with long hours, hard work and insightful business instincts to deliver results that help businesses accomplish their goals, while, at the same time, understanding their risks. I have personally observed Gordon's work both in the board room and in the courtroom and recommend him, without hesitation, as one who operates with the highest level of skill and integrity. Please call me for amplification about Gordon - he is truly an outstanding person and professional.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Jeffrey Bitner
President, Comedy Driving, Inc.

“Excellent Job, Jason Saunders went the extra mile to do research that helped win the case that he worked on. He was instrumental in presenting the argument and defending a WIPO case and received a positive outcome for our company. If anyone is in need to defend a WIPO case in Houston or the surrounding areas I suggest get a hold of Jason Saunders ASAP.”

Adam Roark
Former VP Finance & Operations, Whiteboard Labs

“Gordon's team did some Trademark & other IP work for us. They did a very good job. We always felt like we were the most important client they had.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

Paul Lamkin
Lawyer, The Lamkin Law Firm

“I have known Gordon for 18 years and know him to be a competent attorney. We have worked together on transactional matters that require a knowledgable intellectual property lawyer, and I recommend Gordon to all those who have patent, trademark, or other intellectual property issues.”

Craig Klein
President & CEO, SalesNexus, LLC

“Gordon's knowledge of Intellectual Property law exceeds his impressive reputation. He's also that "strategic bull dog" quality that makes a lawyer your right hand in a fight. He's able to find the right strategy and options given the business model at hand.” Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

Richard Calderwood
General Counsel, Stexar Corp.

“Gordon is an exceptionally intelligent attorney, and has far, far better judgement than most others with whom I have worked. For years, he has been one of my primary "go-to guys" when I have had complex or difficult problems requiring careful thought and strategic analysis. He has been an excellent sounding board for me on many occasions.”

Elizabeth King
Owner, King Law Associates

“Gordon is an excellent lawyer who always thinks outside the box and creatively. He has boundless energy for projects and adopts a thoughtful, solution-oriented approach to client representation. Gordon can see issues and solutions that are not readily apparent. I think his work is top notch and I enjoy working with him and conversing with him as well. His knowledge of the law is extremely deep and he takes a comprehensive approach to his practice. I would highly recommend him to clients seeking Tier 1 intellectual property counsel.”

Craig Murrin
Former Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel, Global Geophysical Service, Inc.

“From his position as sole outside patent counsel, Gordon helped guide my employer/client, a technologically-focused oil-service company, to an industry-leading position in a field that underwent revolutionary change during the 90's and into the 21st century. He effectively elicited research disclosures from our scientists, and then turned them into significant patents. He provided me wise counsel in extremely high-stakes patent litigation and settlement negotiations. I would share a foxhole with him any day.” Top qualities: Expert, On Time, High Integrity

Rita Irani
Attorney At Law, Rita M. Irani, Esq

“Gordon is a top notch trial attorney and litigation team leader. His people skills are exceptional as well. It is a pleasure to work with Gordon.”

Kent Rowald

“Gordon knows the law and quickly recognizes the issues in disputes. He has always done an outstanding job as a mediator when I have had clients with cases being mediated by him.”

Laura Capper

“Gordon is simply the best. His firm is exceptionally talented with regards to IP - we send all business their way. Importantly, they are professional facilitators in making transactions happen - in addition to legal expertise, they are great at strengthening business relationships even if they are sitting on the "opposite" side of the table. I see them as deal enablers, and equity boosters.”

Jim Griffing

“Gordon effectively handles client's legal matters with a practical, logical and common sense approach to problem solving. Therefore, any of our clients that have Intellectual Property needs we refer to Gordon and his team of attorneys, because we know that they will be taken care of.”

Pam Terry

“I have known Gordon for several years and appreciate his fairness, knowledge and resourcefulness. Always professional and available, Gordon is someone I can count on when I need his help. And, Gordon is the best when it comes to speaking on Intellectual Property Law.”

Joe McDermott

“Gordon is exceptionally competent and conducts himself with the utmost in professionalism at all times. He does a wonderful job for his clients.”

Randy Lawton
Master Business Consultant, IT and Data Center Transformation at Hewlett-Packard Company

“Gordon is a highly knowledgeable attorney in Intellectual Property. His background in business, engineering and extensive knowledge of IP legal issues combined with his enthusiastic, fully engaged approach to working with clients lets his clients know they have a valuable advisor and team member. I would engage Gordon in future Intellectual Property matters and highly recommend he and his firm.”

Thomas L. Posey

“My law practice works with Gordon to manage the litigation side of intellectual property disputes. He is very well known and respected in intellectual property law. Very clear in thought and speech. Identifies & works issues very quickly. Handles the technically complex as well as thorough legal approach. Addresses matters with zeal. Easy to work with. A true Texas gentleman. Notable team player.”

Jeffrey Bitner
President, Comedy Driving, Inc.

“Gordon Arnold did a great job reviewing and defending the work for a WIPO case. The staff was excellent and after the case was finished with a very positive outcome for our company, we decided to retain on the company for any potential future services.”

Maria Eliseeva
Patent Attorney, Partner, Houston Eliseeva LLP

“I have known Gordon through professional associations and through the work on legal matters. In referring patent or trademark litigation work out, he would be one of my top choices. His deep knowledge of intellectual property laws and practice combined with fine litigation skills makes me confident that our clients' matters will receive the best representation.”

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